Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kelli should probably copyright these things so that I can't pass them off as my own

Cool Things

Bryant and Kelli are coming in this weekend! 

Last weekend when I and some of Son Tran's closest friends threw him a memorial birthday party at a bar in which a man playing a guitar honored our request of playing Lucky by Britney Spears for him.

The buckyball things which I bought as a gift for someone, and decided to play with myself.  That shit is really cool, and also totally confusing.

Girl scout cookies are back.  I have the seven empty boxes of Samoas to prove it.

SMASH, which although is mildly embarrassing to admit that I watch, is still kind of like the more affluent person's Glee.

Uncool Things

If someone in a bar ever tells you to try an Irish Car Bomb, do not buy one for all of your friends and spend sixty dollars on them (like I did last weekend) because they are fucking terrible.  Seriously, just fucking awful.

People who I need to interview for one article or another, refusing to get back to me in a timely fashion.  Seriously, what is that about?  If ever someone thought I was interesting enough to warrant a feature story---I'd fucking grant an interview, posthaste.

When you realize that on more than one occasion you attended a birthday party/sleepover with someone who has now been convicted of owning child pornography.

Waking up with hangovers for four Saturdays in a row. 

That feeling I sometimes get that reminds me of things that I don't particularly feel like dealing with right now. 

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